Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can Haz Cheezburger, too!

Have y'all seen this website? I don't get it. A website for cats??? Cats and cheeseburgers???
Well, this is me and my cheeseburger - take that, you silly cats!
Oh, there is one for doggies, too....

ANYway, for Christmas, my friends John and Kathy gave me a bunch of these great balls - they are hard, and good for playing catch!

We visited them way back for my big vacation to the snowy swimming pool....

I took Tai and Nummy some of this great popcorn for dogs - it is Delicious!

You should see if your peoples can find some for you!

Mine is all gone now, but Mom says she will get me some more soon.

I have been having tummy aches for the past few days, and throwing up my breakfast a lot, and sometimes I don't even eat my breakfast - Mom says she will give me a few more days, and if I don't start to eat better, we are going to the doctor.
Oh boy.
Mom thinks I am tricking her, because I will eat people food just fine. And she thinks Maybe I got spoiled on our vacation, because I got t0 eat so much people food leftovers everyday, after Mom and her friends ate at the fancy people food eating places.
She thinks Maybe I am just holding out for better food....who knows??

Monday, January 18, 2010

I learned what a pool is....

Mom and I took a trip earlier this week - we went to a hotel (I love hotels!!)

The last time I stayed in a hotel it was at the beach, and I went swimming in the ocean everyday, and chased pelicans. That was fun! That was a long time ago - way before I started blogging, but here is a picture. I hope we go back sometime!

This vacation was almost as fun - there was snow! This is the most snow I have seen since I was a baby!

Mom and I played a lot in this snow - look at all our footprints!

As you can see from this picture that I have expertly diagrammed for you, the snow, and the pool, were right outside our hotel room.

I made Mom take me for a walk every 5 minutes!

It was very very cold! But that is my favorite! It makes me frisky!

This is the "swimming pool." I had never seen a swimming pool before. I have only swimmed in the ocean.

Mom and I opened the gate and walked around this pool. Notice how the corner of the pool is nice and dry in this picture.

While Mom was talking (yak yak yak) to her friends, she was not watching me at all, and I strolled over to the corner of the pool and took a good long sniff.

Then I decided to walk on the pool.

That's when I learned I can't walk on a pool!
Look at the broken ice where I fell in!
I went under the water a bunch, and then I treaded water and swam over to the corner, and put my front legs up on the corner, and used my back legs to climb out of the pool.
Then I shook off, and got everybody wet.
Now I was friskier that ever!

This is me, chillin' on the bed in the hotel, after my swim.
I had SO much fun on this trip!

Remember these guys?

Well, in some weird coincidence, they were staying at the same hotel!
Mom and I visited their room a lot, and it turns out they aren't as bad as I thought. OR maybe they are.....

Mom calls Tai (the cocker spaniel) "Girlfriend" a lot, and sometimes calls her BGF (best girl friend), and holds her on her lap a lot, and gives her lots of rubs and treats, so that is not so good. I get jealous....

And I can't see Nummy very well, 'cause she is so tiny, and she's black, so she blends in with other shadows (but look at her glowing evil eyes in picture!), and I step on her sometimes - it is an accident! Really!!

Note: Mom's version of this whole vacation may vary from mine. You guys know who to believe - we gotta stick together, right?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

and Prospero Ano Nuevo, etc...

I hope everyone had great holidays!

This is the new soft blankie that Santa brought me, for lying on the sofa with Mom. It is made out of soft soft fleece, and has pictures of bones on it!

This is the new ball Santa brought me. It is big, and soft, and chewy, and comes apart really easily when I chew it.
Mom says Santa probably didn't know about it coming apart when he told the elves to make it for me!
I can't find this ball right now - it is lost somewhere in the house!

This is me with my new ball and blankie on Christmas, while Mom was watching TV.

We went to the mountains the next day, but didn't get any snow.

We still had a really good time, and I will be back soon to give the juicy details!