Thursday, December 24, 2009

Return of the Coneheads - just in time for Christmas!

Well, I did it again.

One day last week, while Mom was helping customers at the store, I hid in my new bed at the store, and licked and licked and licked a spot on my hip until I had another one of those "hot spot" things that always makes Mom put the bucket on my head.

Here is me today, with my bucket head, playing with my good old "swollen tongue" toy.

This is still a great toy, even though it has quit squeaking.

I hate when squeakers quit squeaking!

Now, the good thing about wearing my bucket is that when I get tired of playing with one of my toys, I can just drop it, and carry it around in the bucket until I want to play with it again - this works pretty good with all my toys - even my big babies!

It does NOT work so good with treats Mom throws at me (why do I always miss catching them when I wear this thing?) Anyway - the treat gets stuck around my neck area, and I can't reach it, but I lick and lick trying to get it, and then the treat is all sticky, and my neck is all sticky, and, well - you get the idea.

Mom has special medicine for my boo-boo, and she puts it on me (I don't mind!) and I wear the cone around the house so I don't lick off the medicine, and so I don't lick my boo-boo.

But thanks to this new thing Mom found at the PetSmart (I Looooove going there!) - I don't have to suffer the humiliation of wearing my bucket head in public anymore!

Mom calls these doggie bandaids - they have special stuff on them to keep me from licking, and she can put in on my boo-boo, and it is basically invisible ('cause it is the same color as my fur!) - but when people at the store rub me, they sometimes find it. But sometimes not.

These doggie bandaids make Mom sneeze if she gets close too them - that is because they are coated in Cayenne pepper. They don't make me sneeze, but I sure don't lick 'em, either!

So, I wear the bucket at home, so my medicine can work, and I wear the pepper bandaid at work, so I don't look so silly. The pepper bandaid won't stick to my medicine, or else I would never have to wear the stupid bucket!

I hope everybody has a good holiday!

Mom and I are spending a couple of days lounging around the house, and then on Saturday we are driving up to the mountains to visit our friends, and we hope it is snowing up there!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Y'all will never believe this!

I STILL can't believe it!

First of all, Mom is making me tell all of you that this report card I got the last time I stayed at the doggie hotel is a BFL (Big Fat Lie).

After Mom and I took our shower last night (you should have seen how much dog hair was all over Mom when we finished - sheesh! she acted like it was gross or something!), she spent hours and hours blow-drying me.

Then she got out 2 different brushes, and a comb, and tried to "make me pretty" - but I snarled and snapped, and squirmed and wiggled, and was very uncooperative. So now she thinks the doggie hotel must put me on doggie Valium before they ever brush me.

So, anyway, back to the big news.

Mom got up 20 minutes early this morning!

I know - this is highly unusual, so I was already super-suspicious.

She did her usual morning routine, and let me do mine, and then when it was time for her to go to work (this is the time I usually hide in the backyard and make her bribe me with treats to get me to come inside) she opened the back door and yelled "Let's get your leash!"

So I came running at super duper speed, and helped her find my leash, and she put it on me, and I helped show her where the car is, and I got in, and we went.....

Straight to the doctor's office - but only so she could get me a quick pedicure.


So then we drove and drove some more, and we ended up at her work - and she let me in, and took off my leash, and then went back to the car and brought in my new bed, and all my new toys, and treats, and filled a water bowl for me, and told me I get to come to work with her EVERYDAY now - forever!!

Look - if you pay attention, you will see that I have a brand new cow-baby here at work - he is just like my one at home, except this one is white, and the one at home has turned brown. Don't know why - must be what happens when cows get old.

So I checked out my bed, and sometimes I lie in it, but mostly I have a lot of jobs to do!

I have to greet all the customers, and help them shop.

And Mom has lots of beads hanging on pegboards, and I dust these several times an hour, to keep them clean.

All the peoples that come here are very friendly, and like to give me rubs and treats.

I like coming here!
Can you believe it? No more staying home all by myself all day!

The only bad thing is, Mom spends a lot of time doing the same boring stuff she does at home - play with beads.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something weird is happening around here again...

Mom got home late from work, and she had a new dog bed for me (I LOVE my old dog bed, so this better not be some kind of trick.) And she had a bag of dog toys, and dog treats, and she carried them back out to the car.

Then she rushed me upstairs and into her bathroom, and made me take shower with her. Well, mostly it was me getting the shower - she used some girly-smelling shampoo, and then some girly-smelling conditioner, and then she tried to blow me dry (which I normally enjoy as a game) - but this was different, and after one whole hour she gave up. She said that now she knows while Phil (my Professional Bather) ties me to the wall when he blows me dry. And why Phil's blow dryer is 10 times more powerful than hers.

Then I wanted to run outside and roll around in the really wet dirt and mud in the backyard, and she said NO.

So I am rolling on her clean comforter, and getting it good and smelly.

She says the reason for all of this will become clear tomorrow.

She is very busy watching So You Think You Can Dance, so now I am going to go around and get reacquainted with some of my old buds!

I'll try to get back to you tomorrow with whatever the big news is.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi everybody!

I cannot believe it has been 2 months since I used the computer!

Everything is OK - and thanks to everyone who worried about me - so sorry you worried! I missed you guys, too!

Mom hasn't been feeling too good, so she and I just snuggled a lot, instead of working on the computer. That was really fun for me! I love snuggling!

Have you guys ever had these great treats? They are huge pieces of cheese, and sausage, and sometimes bacon - Mom got me some, and I love them!

They are all gone now, and I want MORE!!!

I will try very hard to be a better blogger!