Monday, April 13, 2009

I went Ptui!!

Most of you know by now that I am somewhat of a canine-oisseur when it comes to snacks. I love me some good treats!

And one of my favoritist treats is Snausages - I love 'em!

Mom doesn't buy them very often, but she picked some up at the store last week, and when she opened them, she was really surprised to find bacon-looking stuff in there, instead of those cute, juicy, delicious snausages that I love so much. But she thought the Snausage people had just goofed up, and she kept giving me one of the bacon thingies every day - and I ate them, but I have to be honest with you --- they're TERRIBLE!! They taste like 2-year old shoe leather, and they are really hard to chew. I chew, and chew, and chew, and don't get very far with them. But hey, it's a treat - better than dogfood!

But on Saturday, Mom reached in the bag, and grabbed a bacon chew, and gave it to me, and while I was chewing, and chewing, and chewing, something deep inside the bag caught Mom's eye - it was yellow, and she reached through all the bacon, and pulled out a little chewy fried egg!

That's when Mom read the bag, and saw that these were Snausage Breakfast Bites! She held on to the fried egg, waiting for me to finish the bacon, but I just chewed, and chewed, and I kept seeing and smelling that egg, so I suddenly went "ptui!" and spit that dumb old bacon chew all the way across the kitchen, and jumped up and grabbed the egg out of Mom's hand. I sort of surprised Mom - the only other time I ever ptui-ed anything, it was a plain old dry piece of lettuce - yuck!

So now, I won't even put those silly bacon chews in my mouth - I hold out for those delicious eggie chews!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Yea! Check out my poll!

"The whole thing" is winning! I just know everything will work out in my favor this time!

Double Yea!

We had company last weekend!

My friend Kathy came to visit me - remember? I went to visit her last year - and now she came to my house! This is a picture of her cooking me a special treat when we were at her house.

She is really nice, and played with me, especially early in the morning when my Mom was still snoozing - Kathy sat out in the backyard with me, like a proper visitor, and talked to me and patted me.

And Kathy brought a really nice lady named Mary with her, and Mary was my favorite, because she gave me treats. All the time! Really delicious treats, like shrimp, and chicken, and cake!

And I get to go visit them really soon - I can't wait!
About 2 weeks ago, after I had been out in the backyard for a really really long time, I came inside, and started to throw up.
I couldn't stop! It was all brown and gross, and I couldn't stop, and bad brown stains got all over Mom's carpet and her bed. She didn't yell at me, because she knew I was really sick. But she thought I had been eating poop (again), so she gave me her dumb lecture about how eating poop always makes me sick - I just ignored her, and kept throwing up for a really long time.
Mom had to get a special carpet cleaner to get the brown stuff out of the carpet.
Then, about 3 days later, I started doing my "New Bone Dance" on Mom's bed, while she was working on the computer. My New Bone Dance is a very special dance that I do whenever Mom gets me a new bone - I hop around, and bark a really shrill high bark, and tap my front foot on the new bone so that it hops around on the bed and I can chase it. It's fun!
Except that Mom was very suspicious, because she hadn't bought me any new bones....
But I am a very resourceful dog - see...
I had found this bone in my very own backyard:
Mom jumped up and snatched it away from me, and threw it away in the outside trash so I couldn't get it.
But HaHa! There's a whole bunch more where that came from!
Mom is starting to suspect that this bone is somehow related to all that throwing up I did - she thinks I was eating some dead animal - but I'll never tell!
She thinks it's a rib bone, and she seems to think it's a pretty big one, for me anyway -
Now I know to chew them when she isn't watching. Moms are weird sometimes.