Friday, July 31, 2009

It's for my own good...?

Does that statement EVER mean anything good is about to happen?

And my Mom has been taking care of my boo-boo, and checking me all the time, and I got all better this week, so Mom decided to start letting me go without the cone.

She does this gradually - by letting me go for just a few hours without it at first, so she can watch me, like I'm some kind of recidivist or something.

The nerve.

But anyway, she started freeing me from the cone on Monday when she was home from work, and we sat around the living room all day - she was working on her stoopid beads, and I was left to my own devices. Do you want to know what I did? Really what I did?

Mom was really, really wrapped up in her bead stuff, and the TV was on, of course, and so she wasn't paying much attention to me.

And about an hour later, she noticed that she was hearing a very repetitive licking sound coming from somewhere - and she started looking for me, and she couldn't see me anywhere. Because I am smart, and I had crawled behind a big chair to hide from her!

And she got up really quietly and sneaky-like, and snuck up and me and caught me licking - but I wasn't licking my all-healed-up boo-boo. I was, of course, licking my .......... "business". After all, I hadn't been able to do this in FOREVER!!!

And evidently, that was OK with her, because she didn't put me back in the cone.

So for 4 days, she let me be out of the cone whenever she was home and awake, and I was perfectly behaved, and didn't do any bad licking, so last night she let me sleep without the cone.

She even gave me a huge rawhide bone so I could celebrate, and have something delicious to chew and suck on!

And then this morning, she gave me a full body frisking, and didn't find any wet spots, so she decided I was over it, and she went to work and left me out of the cone! Hurray!!

And I spent all day sucking on my thigh, and when Mom got home, she frisked me again, and discovered what I'd done, and put me back in the cone, saying "it's for your own good".

Yeah, right.

Stupid cone.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gingey's home!

Well, Mom must have sent enough ransoms to the lady in the mountains, because Gingey is home at last!

I am just so excited! This picture was taken just moments after Mom opened the package -

I ran around the house a lot with Gingey!

We went upstairs while Mom changed her clothes, and I paused on the bed, but never let go of Gingey.

Then Mom went downstairs to cook dinner, and I raced after her, and I was so excited, and between wearing my cone and having Gingey in my mouth, I guess I couldn't see the stairs, and I was running too fast, and I fell down the stairs!

Fortunately, Mom was just a few steps from the bottom, and she heard the commotion as I came thundering down the stairs in a big tangle, and she stuck out her leg, and saved me! I composed myself, and raced her to the kitchen, and you know what?

I never even dropped Gingey!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bother and Worryation

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

As usual, I spent last night in Mom's closet, just like I do every July 4 (and every New Year's Eve, too).

I peeped out a couple of times to make sure Mom was OK, but mostly I just hid deep in her big comfy closet, 'til all the bang-bang noises were over.

I came out around 1 AM, and jumped up on Mom's bed to let her know it was time to take me outside.

And that's when she noticed that my left hip was all wet. And she knew what I had been doing in the closet - I had been "worryating" on my left hip, and now I have a great big boo-boo there. Mom said I was naughty. I can't help it, though - sometimes I just do this when I'm nervous!

It was all red last night, and Mom put medicine on it.

And naturally, now I have to wear the cone again.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I don't know what Ransom is, but I need some!

Welcome to Gingey Watch, Day 17.

Mom talked to the lady at the mountain house yesterday, and evidently I will only get Gingey back if Mom sends her some "ransom."

I have no idea what "ransom" is, but I saw Mom hurry and pack an envelope, and mail it to the lady.

I am worried, because it was not a very big envelope, and I want Gingey back.

So if you have any extra ransom lying around, please mail it to:
The Mountain House where Tai and Nummy Live


Speaking of Nummy, I suspect she is behind all this.

She always wants my toys, and look at her evil eyes!