Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something's up!

Something big is up at my house!

Mom is doing lots of laundry, and ironing, and packing her suitcases.

And that only means one thing!

So I have been doing a lot of thinking and dreaming about where we could be going.
Maybe it will be somewhere with lots and lots of snow!

I just love rolling in the snow, and eating snow!
It hardly ever snows at my house, and it is pretty hot right now, so that would be a really fun vacation, huh?

Maybe we will go back to the beach!

The beach is so cool! Lots of water for swimming (but don't drink it, 'cause you will throw up!)
And lots and lots of birds to chase, especially those pesky pelicans! They like to tease me - they land really close to me in the water, and I thrash around trying to swim to them, and then they fly 3 feet away, and stare at me, and we do it all over again.

And rolling in the sand is SO cool! Then you go and jump in Mom's lap. That is fun!

And there is horse poop at the beach we go to - and you know how I feel about that!

Or maybe we will go to a big fancy hotel and doggie spa, and I can sleep late, and get massages and belly rubs!

I have NO idea where we are going, but I'll tell you all about it when I get back.
Check out my new poll, and vote for where you think Mom and I should go!!

See ya!