Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was totally bamboozled by this whole vacation thing.

Mom loaded all her suitcases in the car, and I ran out and jumped in, while carrying my leash - and we drove 3 whole miles, and I ended up at my doctor's office, for a whole week!

They are nice people, and they play with me and everything, but that is NOT a vacation!

I even had to have a little bit of surgery, because I had a lump on my side, but the doctor told my Mom it is just a cyst, so everything is OK.

I also had to have a bath.

Whenever I stay at the kennel, Mom gets a report card, and mine is always excellent, of course. But this time, the peoples that took care of me wrote on my report card that I love to be brushed- and Mom thought they were joking, because whenever Mom tries to brush me, I squirm, and growl a little, and nip at her fingers (not hard!) - but now Mom knows it is just another one of my tricks!

Big PS to all my friends: If you are following me, and I am not following you back, please let me know - this is all very confusing to me, but I am trying very hard to figure it out!!!