Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gingey Watch - Day 14

Mom and I go to the mailbox everyday, checking for Gingey.

But no Gingey yet - it has been a long 14 days.

Mom finally broke down and got me this new cow baby - it even Mooooos - which really irritates Mom sometimes.

I like my cow, but it's no Gingey...

I'm a pretty talented dog, you know - I can wink!

I wink all the time, but I do it fast, and up 'til now, no pictures existed... but here's the proof.

I guess my phone will be ringing off the hook now, for movies and stuff where they need a beautiful winking dog!

Can you see my nose freckle in this picture?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isn't this sad?

This is poor piggy, who I told you about last time.

They just don't make dog toys like they used to, huh?

I just loved piggy, like I love all my babies, and one day he just fell apart.

The good thing is, when I pick up piggy and shake him back and forth really hard, all kinds of piggy fur and dog hair and other stuff flies off of him, and usually lands in Mom's food (not that she is always eating, or anything), and then she shrieks a lot like a little girl.

But the bad thing is, poor piggy is not a very good pillow for me anymore.

I hope the mailman is very careful with my Gingey, and gets him to me fast!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I took a vacation! And something horrible happened!

Mom packed up the car again, and we took a really long ride, and I got sooo excited when we turned on this road in the mountains, because I remembered this place!

Mom had helped me pack my stuff, and I took ugly baby, because he is really good for tug-of-war, and I remembered that the nice man at the vacation house is really good at tug-of-war, and of course I took Gingey baby, because he is the best baby ever!

When we pulled up in the driveway, I was super-excited, and leaped out of the car with my leash, and ran up the stairs to the big glass door (after I stopped for a long tinkle), and peeped inside, and waited for my Mom to make it up the steep stairs. (It's quite a climb!)

It took Mom a looooong time to get up to the door!

But she finally did, and she knocked, and the nice vacation man came and let us in, and that's when my excitement ended.

'Cause I had forgotten all about these 2 characters: Tai, and Nummy - who evidently live there.

They are probably nice dogs and everything, but this was MY vacation, and it was supposed to be all about ME!

So I pouted for 2 whole days on Mom's vacation bed. Just me and ugly baby and Gingey.

I didn't even eat!

And everytime anybody took me outside, I ran straight to Mom's car, and sat beside my door, waiting for them to let me in, so I could go back home. But we still stayed there. Mom let me sit in the car for about a half hour one day, but we never left.

Mom was up there to go to school, so she was gone most of the day, and after I quit pouting, I had a really good time.

The littlest dog is Nummy - she is a Yorkiepoo, whatever that means, and she thinks she is the queen of the house, or something. All I know is, she likes to steal my toys.

They had these great hard plastic balls there, and everybody thought it was Sooooo cute when Nummy played with the ball - probably because the ball was bigger than her whole head!

There were 5 or 6 of these balls floating around, but whenever I tried to play with one, Nummy would try to take it away from me. And naturally, I would try to get it back.

So when Mom wanted to get a "cute" picture of Nummy carrying the ball (something I do EVERYday, and somehow it isn't "cute"), I found myself locked out on the deck. Hmmmph.

Here is the "cute" picture of Nummy carrying her dumb old ball.

Here is the correct way to carry a ball.

Here, Nummy sees her dumb old ball lying about 1 inch away from me, so she is planning how she is going to steal it. Note the look of pure evil in her eyes!

The nice man at the vacation house knew that the scratchy old upholstery on the chairs in the house would be uncomfortable for my highly sensitive skin, so as soon as he saw me, he got some very soft, 100,000 count bed sheets and covered ALL the chairs, just for me!

This one is my favorite chair (because it is close to the remote!)

The vacation house man played with me a lot, and I think he plans to make something very special from all the hair I shedded while I was there, because everytime he saw some of it gathered around a chair leg, or a table leg, or tumbling around on their hardwood floor somewhere, he leaped up and grabbed it. I'm sure he has a nice collection of it by now. He's probably going to make a sweater, or maybe a vest.

I pulled some mean tricks on Mom while I was there - I ran away from home twice, and made her chase me up and down that whole mountain. It was pretty funny.

I had a really good time, but I am sure glad to be back home!

But I forgot to tell you the horrible thing - I was getting very nervous when Mom was packing to leave, and carrying Gingey everywhere, and I put him down in the vacation lady's office, and WE LEFT HIM THERE! It is a tragedy!! I am lost without my Gingey. Mom says they will mail him to me soon, so for now, I am carrying around the carcass of poor piggy baby. It's really just part of the head, with one arm and leg still attached, and no stuffing - it is pitiful!
I want my Gingey!

PS: Happy Father's Day to all you great dads out there!