Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom took me on a trip!

I got really upset a couple of weeks ago, because mom started packing her suitcases, and that usually means she is going away, and leaving me at my doctor's office. So I paced around a lot, and acted really squirrely (according to Mom), and then the next morning, she put the suitcases in the car, and I kept blocking her way, and then jumping in and out of the backseat. Then she told me to go get my leash, which is fun for me, but I was still suspicious. But I got my leash, and got in the car, and off we went.
And we drove and drove and drove a really long way, and I forgot all about being nervous, and Mom stopped one time and got French Fries and we shared them. I LOVE French Fries!
Then we stopped along side of the road, and Mom got me out of the car so I could pee, and then we just played beside the car for a while, and then this really nice lady in a really big car pulled up, and talked to my Mom, and then we got back in the car and followed her. And we drove straight up a mountain, and then we stopped at a house, and climbed up a lot of stairs, and at the top of the stairs there were 2 other dogs!
And those dogs barked and barked and barked at me!
But they were really nice dogs - I think we just surprised them.

One of them was a tiny puppy named Kuda. Kuda likes to play all the time, and she kept stealing my Baby. I got really tired of that, even though I was a guest at her house, so I finally started stealing her Babies! Her babies were smaller than mine, and I shook them really hard, but she still played with mine!
The other dog was Tai, a really nice cocker spaniel. Tai doesn't like toys; she only likes food and bones. She stole all my bones, and kept trying to steal my breakfast! But Mom always made sure I got all my breakfast, and Mom snuck me some bones when we went to bed at night.

Kuda had a toy box just like the one I have at home, and it was really hard for her to get her toys out of it, because she is so little. But it was easy for me to get them out of there!

Kuda always tried to get me to play with her. Sometimes I was too tired.

Kuda's Dad liked to play tug of war with me, so we did that a lot while Mom was gone during the day. We watched TV, too. I love TV!

This was my chair on vacation. It wasn't nearly big enough for me, and to make it worse, Mom would sit it in when she got home, and then I would have to get up in the chair and share it with her, 'cause I like sitting with my Mom, but we really needed a bigger chair!
I really liked the vacation I took with my Mom! But I was glad to come home to my bed and my toys!

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