Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Have a Lot of Jobs

I have a lot of jobs around the house, and I work real hard, and I do a really good job, so my mom will tell me what a good boy I am.

One of my most important jobs is to guard the house. I do this from my station at the front door. Mom put a pillow there to catch her suncatchers, 'cause they fall down a lot, but this pillow is perfect for me, because hard-working dogs do not belong on the hard floor.

Baby helps me guard the house. We perch on the pillow and watch for all kinds of intruders, like squirrels, and dogs, and cats (there is a new grey cat in the neighborhood, and it comes on my porch all the time!) and people walking by, and leaves blowing on the grass, and the neighbors across the street. 'Cause Mom needs to know about all this stuff! Whenever I see something important, I bark once (unless it is that cat, and then I bark a lot), and if Mom says "Get 'em, Bailey" then I bark and bark and bark, until I scare them away. It is hard work, but I always scare them away! Except for the leaves - they don't listen to me very good.
I do NOT bark at people that come to my door, like the UPS guy, or the mailman, or the Pizza Hut man, or other visitors, because I like company. Mom doesn't understand this, because she can't hear the doorbell ring if she is upstairs, so sometimes I have to go get her when they ring the doorbell more than once. That is another one of my jobs.

I told you last time about how one of my important jobs is to check the trash, and make sure nothing important gets thrown away. I do that several times a day. Mom keeps most of the trashcans in cabinets, almost like she doesn't want me to do my job, but sometimes I can get my paws in there and get the cabinet open, so it's OK.
I take myself for walks, too, because I love to carry my leash. Another one of my jobs is to get the newspaper everyday, and to get the mail, too. I love to carry stuff. One time, there was a hole in the fence in my backyard, and I got out on a Sunday morning, and when Mom found me on the front porch, I had brought her 50 Sunday newspapers from all our neighbor's driveways!
I love to get the newspaper!

I help Mom cook dinner every night. She puts it in this box and pushes buttons, and then goes upstairs, and when it is finished cooking, it starts to ding, but she always forgets to come get it. I wait patiently, but finally have to go tell Mom that dinner is ready, and she goes to get it out of the dinger.

Another important job I have is to tell Mom whenever there is a barking dog on TV! She needs to pay attention to this stuff! Those could be bad dogs! Sometimes she tells me to get 'em, so I bark and bark and bark, and they go away.

Another job I have is to keep birds and squirrels out of my backyard. That is a lot of work! When we go to the beach, I have to keep the pelicans away from the beach, too, and everybody tells me what a good boy I am. I have to swim a lot to keep those pelicans away!

Another one of my jobs is to clean the floor whenever Mom drops food on it. That is one of my favorite jobs!

Well, that is all I can think of right now. Time for a nap!


nanjodogz said...

Just stopped by to see what Bailey was doing -- Lena and I are Bailey's No. 1 Fan!!

Bailey said...

Thanks for stopping by!
*Bailey waves at his fans*