Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Day of Beauty

Mom and I had a big adventure on Monday. She took me to one of my favorite places - my doctor's office! I love going there, because everyone is so nice, and plays with me, and I put my feet up on the counter and the nice ladies talk to me. Sometimes I get dog biscuits, too!

On this trip, I went to get groomed. Usually, they don't let your mom come back with you when you get groomed, but I am a big-time journalist now, so Mom came back with me to take pictures.

The first part of the grooming is the haircut and the pedicure. I got really excited at first when Mom came in the room, and I jumped off the table to go see her. But I got right back up on the table so Phil could finish my haircut. He did a really good job!

Next was the bath. They got me all wet, and then soaped with up with shampoo, and scrubbed me all over. Then they rinsed me off real good, and carried me to the drying table.

And then they all backed way up, because I shook myself off really hard!

Next came one of my favorite things - the blow dryer. Whenever Mom is blow-drying her hair at home, I always come over to her and ask her to blow me with the dryer, and she never knew why I like this, but now she does.

I love the blow dryer! It feels good on me, like wind! Plus I get rubbed a lot while I am being dried!

Mom says it is OK for boy dogs to be beautiful. I just don't understand why she doesn't like for me to smell like a dog. I work really hard to smell like a dog, and now I have to start all over.

More stuff happened while we were there, but I will tell you about that next time!

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