Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barefoot in the Park, Part 1

Mom and I went to the dog park on Sunday .

I was really excited, but let's face it - I get excited just going out to get the mail everyday! If my leash is involved, I act like a ridiculous fool!

And if a car ride is involved - Oh Boy!!

Mom got lost 3 times on the way to the park, but we finally got there. I was about to jump out the car window when Mom parked the car, and she finally calmed me down and got me out of the car, and we headed over to the park.

I saw all those other dogs in there, but there was a big fence around the park, and when Mom and I got close to the fence, all these dogs stormed over to the gate, and I got a little scared.

But Mom made me go in anyway, and then she immediately took off my leash, and we walked around a little. The first thing I did was make a big poop - so Mom cleaned that up, and then she got out my tennis ball and threw it, so I chased it, and brought it back to her. She threw it again, but I refuse to chase balls if she is just going to throw them away again, so she had to go pick it up herself this time.

And then I got down to business.
I realized that there were a whole bunch of people at the dog park just waiting to rub me, and I set out to meet every single one of them!
This nice lady had set up a chair right inside the gate, and I headed over to her first, because she was down at my level, clearly inviting me over!

Then I introduced myself to this nice lady.

Then I met this nice man - he was a good back-rubber.

See - here he is again - he really knows how to find that sweet spot!

This was a super nice lady - I spent a lot of time with her, 'cause she would bend over and rub me and talk to me.

This little boy is Sam - he was really nice to me, and patted me a lot. He belongs to the nice lady in the pink shirt.
She explained to Sam not to rub my hair backwards, because it feels funny!

Here I am with Sam again, and that nice man that rubbed my back earlier - now he's rubbing my butt! I don't know about you, but I love a good butt rubbin'.

Then I met this lady - she rubbed my back for awhile....

And then she bent down and gave me a nice butt-rubbin'!

Then I headed back to the lady in the chair -
I backed up to her, so she would understand that I like to have my butt rubbed. Look what a good job she's doing.
But that black dog was jealous - he followed me from person to person, trying to horn in on my action.
I'll tell you more about my big trip next time!
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Mom promises to make some changes, depending on the results of the poll!
And may I just say, Mom bought me a rawhide bone last Saturday, and I carry it around some, but I have only chewed it once - rawhide bones are just NOT a good treat. I would rather chew my babies! The only time I will chew a rawhide bone is when Mom holds one end of it for me, and I am snuggling in her lap. Mom says that is because I am man-ip-u-la-tive. I don't know what that means - but I know it means I have my Mom very well-trained.
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See you soon!


Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Hi Bailey, looks like you had a great time! I have yet to take Luna to the park.

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

Looks like you had a great time at the park!!
wish to be with you and playing togheter!!!it will be wonderful!!!
your pictures are great....and how many friends you have met!!!
can't wait to see part 2!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love and kisses!!!!!!!

Joey said...

Hi Bailey! That looks like a great doggie park! I bet that lady in the chair will be there every time. I've never signed up to follow any bloggers, but I try my best to unofficially keep up with all my pals.

See ya!

The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

SLURP! Great times at the park! Woof!