Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ring Thing

You may remember my red ring toy from the dreadful things Mom did to my new ginger baby on my birthday....

But anyway, now that it is free again, I am playing with it a lot more - and when I carry it, I always carry it like this, which my Mom seems to think is High-larious. I don't know why.

When I had to go out this morning (OK, when I had to go out the 14th time...) I chose red ring as the special toy I carried to the back door. I always carry one of my toys everywhere I go, but sometimes I forget where I leave them!

Does that ever happen to anyone else?

So, since I'm not allowed to take my inside toys outside, I put red ring down, and when I came back, it was right where I left it, so I carried it back upstairs and hopped back up on Mom's messy Sunday morning bed.

We are having a very lazy day today. I keep trying to get Mom to play with me outside, but she's not having any of it.



Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

your photos with the ring put on your face are wonderful!!!
you look soooooooooo funny!!!
But we think that if you don't want go out without your new must be a very very very special toy!!!
Can we play with you and the ring??????
And YES!!!!
Sometimes we want go out with our preferred toys but.............Mmmmmmmmmmm...we forget where we leave them like you!!!
Are we all forgetful Goldie or we're too disorderly?????????
you're wonderful!!!!!!!
We love you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!
Sweet kisses!!!!!!!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
I can see how much you like your ring toy!
Yes, those pictures are hilarious!
Glad you are having a nice lazy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Mason Dixie said...

I too carry a toy every where and am not allowed to take it outside, only my outside toys are allowed out there, not fair. I love you red ring, it looks like a great toy. =)

Thor said...

Hi Bailey!
You look funny with the red ring toy in your face. That toy looks so cool!
Hope you get to go outside now!


Diego Dog said...


My Mom wants to know if your Mom can email her your address. I have something for you.

Diego Dog

LUCKY LUKE said...

Red ring is boaf cute and funny and you are good sport to pose for the pitchers!

I not so cooperative. Just sayin...

wif love from the Luke

Bailey said...

THanks, Luke- but the thing is, I wasn't posing - I sit like that for a long, long time with my ring thing, 'cause it's fun!!

Honey said...

Oh that is pretty darn cute Bailey!!!
What a sweetie you are!
Just visiting around to some special golden blogs.
Hugs from Honey's mom and dad

Bailey said...

Hi everybody! Sorry to be so late saying hello - blogger was acting up (AGAIN)