Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taking Mom for a Walk

I was so happy today! Mom came home from work early, and she took me for a walk. I love to go for walks. Walks are the best!

This pictures shows me dancing around Mom's legs, carrying my leash, because I am so excited.

Now I am standing by the front door, patiently holding my leash, all ready to go. But Mom can't find the key to the door, so I will helpfully walk back and forth from the door to the kitchen over and over until she finds the key. This time-tested technique has never failed to turn up the key in the end.

Now I am all but dancing on my back legs by the front door. I really do make a big deal out of going for a walk, huh?

Finally! I'm out in the real world! No stinking fences! I'm the USS Enterprise of dogs - I must explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, and new civilizations...(Mom and I watch a lot of Star Trek.)

Time's up for today - Now I'm waiting for Mom to make her way back to the porch. As usual, she is not as fast as I am.

Mom is still poking along. I cannot open this door myself unless I put my leash down, and I am NOT putting my leash down. I never put my leash down!

Mom has to forcibly take my leash away from me...

I love my leash.

In other news, I finally, finally smell like a dog again! Mom took me to that place that made me smell bad, and I have worked very hard to get my dog smell back. It is always harder in the winter to find ways to to keep that fresh dog smell, but I am cultivating a few new spots in the backyard!

Live Long and Prosper!

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