Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Played a Trick on Mom!

Back when I was a baby, Mom taught me how to open the backdoor when I was finished playing outside. I'm pretty smart you know, so this was easy for me to learn. I never bothered to learn how to close the door when I come back in, though, so if Mom doesn't get up right away to close it when I open it, sometimes bugs come in, and one time a bird came in!
Sometimes when Mom has company, I surprise them by opening the backdoor all by myself - it is funny to see their faces, and then they all pat me!

Mom stayed home from work today, and has been taking a lot of pictures, and working on her computer. Whenever she stays home, I bug her a lot and ask her to let me outside over and over, so she keeps having to get up and down and up and down. She takes me to the kitchen and shows me that the door is already open, but I never go outside without her leading me right to the door! That's 'cause I always forget that I left it open....

A little while ago, I wanted to go outside again right when Mom was taking pictures. Instead of taking me to the door, she took me to the backstairs, which lead right down to the backdoor, and showed me that it was wide open, and told me to go outside. I went to the bottom of the stairs, and grabbed one of my babies, and ran out the door with it. I'm not allowed to take my babies outside, and Mom saw me and told me to drop it, but I fooled her, and ran off the deck with Baby.

Mom kept telling me to come back, but I played dumb. Sure enough, I made Mom chase me out in the backyard IN HER PAJAMAS! She never got dressed today, and now I had her chasing me in the yard in her pajamas. It was funny.

At first, I just ignored her and kept running deeper into the yard.

Then I got distracted by those workmen nextdoor (YES, they are still there!)

That allowed Mom to get pretty close to me, but I still had my eye on her!
Then I started shaking my baby and daring her to try to get me.
She got my soccer ball, and kicked it, and I dropped Baby because I thought we were going to play soccer.

Mom scooped up Baby and ran back to the house. So I guess she played a trick on me!

All I wanted was for Mom to play outside with me! I don't think she understood this game at all. I will have to try something else later today, after I take a nap.

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