Monday, April 7, 2008

It's been pretty quiet...

After my big coup last week, saving Mom and the whole house from that moth, I was glad to have a pretty quiet week!

Mom and I played soccer, of course. Most of you know we do that almost everyday, if it isn't raining. This is a picture of me making a big play!

Right before we started this game, Mom turned around and went back into the house to get something (she wanted to get her camera, to take some pictures of some dumb old flowers.) She told me to stay, and then she told me again, like I might forget! I had the soccer ball in my mouth, and I was so excited about playing that I wanted to make sure Mom was coming back, so I followed her, but she didn't hear me.

She has a really strict rule that I cannot take my inside toys outside, and I cannot bring my outside toys inside. I know, it is a stupid rule, but she's the boss of me, so I try very hard to follow the rules. But this time, I was too excited about soccer! Mom went all the way upstairs, and into our room, and got the camera, and when she turned around, I was standing there with the soccer ball in my mouth, and she squealed, 'cause I had snuck up on her! Then she told me to take the soccer ball outside, so we went out and played for a long time. Guess who won? Me, of course!

Mom sometimes makes me do silly tricks to earn my treats.

She taught me to balance a dog treat on my nose, and hold still, and then catch it in my mouth. I'm pretty good at it, but this time, the Cheez-It flew right up to the top of my head and landed there, and stayed! Mom laughed and laughed and laughed, 'til there were tears coming out of her eyes. I kept looking everywhere for the Cheez-It, but couldn't find it. Mom even had time to get this picture.

PS: Don't tell Mom, but I planned the whole thing - this is my newest trick, but since she laughed so hard and made fun of me, I will never do it for her again! I'd like to see her flip a Cheez-It off her nose and onto her head...

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