Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom Called Me the B-Word

Mom bought me a new bone yesterday! At first, I pretended not to want it, and I played with my Baby, and sat in Mom's lap, and ignored the new bone. But I couldn't keep that up for very long.

I love rawhide bones! I chewed, and chewed, and chewed my new bone. Then I needed to go outside.

Naturally, I carried my new bone with me! But when we got to the back door, Mom said, "Drop it, Bailey." I looked at her with total incredulity - I wanted to take my bone with me! Mom just doesn't understand these things!

So, Mom told me to drop it again, and I slowly bent my head down to the floor until the bone bumped the tile, but I kept my new bone in my mouth. Mom opened the door, and I slowly strolled out on to the deck...

And when I got to the edge of the deck, Mom must have looked down at the kitchen floor, because suddenly I was busted. She said, in a really low voice, "Bailey..."

And I turned my head, and she saw the evidence. She said, very quietly, "Bad boy, Bailey. Bring me the bone." But I went out in the yard, and she just closed the door.

Well, now my feelings were hurt, because Mom never calls me the B-word. I was so upset that I didn't even do my business! I raced back in the house, but Mom had already gone back upstairs. I jumped up on the bed, and showed her the bone, and she told me I was a good boy again! Yay!

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