Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Home Again!

And I stink!

Mom took me to my doctor's office and I had to stay there for a long long long time. Sometimes she does that. I don't know why, but I missed Mom a whole lot, even though there are a lot of nice people there that play with me and take me for walks outside.

I knew something was up when I saw Mom packing her suitcase. Lots of time when she packs a suitcase I end up at the doctor's office.

Then, to make things worse, the day before Mom came and picked me up, they gave me a stinky bath! Doesn't anybody understand how hard I worked to get back my good doggie smell? Now I have to start all over again!

Mom is all confused this morning because I keep trying to take Baby outside with me. What she doesn't know is that the nice ladies at my doctor's office ALWAYS let me take Baby when I go outside, because they don't have dumb rules like Mom does. So Mom and I have had several arguments this morning, but I had to finally let her win, because she is the boss of me.

Speaking of dumb rules, look what I did last night!
When I went outside, I saw my soccer ball! I had almost forgotten about my soccer ball, and I was so excited! Mom was inside taking some dumb old pictures, so I played with my ball for a few minutes outside, but that was no fun, so I took it inside to try to find Mom. She didn't see me, so I took the soccer ball to the bedroom, and played on the bed for a long time. It was a lot of fun! Mom finally came in, and started loading her pictures into the computer, and she still didn't see the soccer ball! When she finally saw it, she said "Bailey..." in that low deep voice that means I shouldn't have done something, but then she started taking pictures, and even played inside soccer with me a little. And then she made me take the ball back outside.
I am glad to be home again!


nanjodogz said...

Bailey is too cute -- he said okay, no Baby outside, then I'll get my soccer ball and bring it inside:)

I love to visit Bailey and read about his latest adventures.

Bailey said...

Thanks Nancy!

I'm a pistol!