Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bang Bang!

Yesterday was a horrible day!

It started off OK - Mom and I slept late, and then we snuggled in bed. I am a good snuggler!

Then, Mom went to work, and I was alone for a while.

Then, Mom came home, and we played soccer until it started thundering and lightning, and raining. It was a bad storm, so I got in bed with Mom so she wouldn't be scared.

But then the rain stopped, and right after that the bad stuff started!

Right outside our bedroom window, our terrible next door neighbors started making the bad bang bang noises they make every summer. It only happens on one day, but that is a horrible day for me!

I have to find a safe place to hide from the bang bang noises! But I have to be near Mom, because I am so scared, and I want to make sure she is OK. So I ask Mom to open her closet, and I go in there and stay for hours, until it stops.

It always lasts a really long time.

Mom tries to get me to come out and sit with her on the bed, but that is too close to the noise.

The bang bang noises finally stop, and I come out of the closet, but I will not go outside, because they might start again! So I can't go potty again until it is daylight, but that is better than getting caught outside with the bad noises!

When Mom came home from work today, I got a new bone!

I chewed it really fast. Now it is gone.

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