Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Madness Continues

Your e-mails and photos continue to pour in, and I hear you! Dogs and hats and costumes just don't go together!

This is my good friend, Lena, sadly festooned in a Santa hat.

These are poor Lucy and Lexi, sad sisters destined to a life of humiliation, because their Mom not only has a closet full of costumes, she also has access to Photoshop, and likes to caption their photos! I hope your Mom finds out how sad you girls are, because I had a hard time picking just one photo of each of you to post here! (Good luck at Easter!)

Some more pups who asked to remain anonymous, no doubt scared of recrimination!

I hope that pet owners are reading this, and seeing their companions' true feelings about being dressed up in silly hats and costumes! Feel free to send me your stories and photos, and I will continue to tell the world! Let's stop the madness! I want to send Get Well Wishes to my friend Dawn. Dawn is a Doberman, and had to have emergency back surgery last week, after she ruptured a disc in her back. That was really scary for her mom and dad, but her surgery went well, and she gets to come home from the hospital tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon, Dawn!

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