Monday, March 3, 2008

New Addition to the Family

I am so excited! When Mom came home from work on Wednesday, she had a surprise for me - I always know when she has a present for me because she starts talking in this funny voice, and I can't help myself - I start to dance around like a big fool, but she always brings me the best surprises!

This was my favorite kind of surprise: a new baby! Mom took it out of the bag, and then I had to wait while she cut all the tags and plastic hanger thingies off of it - that is the hardest part for me, because I can see the new baby, but Mom won't let me have it yet, and I keep trying to grab it out of her hands when she has the scissors, and she keeps saying "No, Bailey" but I never listen, and I keep trying to get the new baby.

Finally she gave me my Baby, and I jumped on the bed to play with it. I stood in the middle of the bed, blocking Mom's view of the TV, and pretended to be a big game hunter for a while. Mom kept asking me to sit down, but I have to do things on my own schedule.

I finally laid down, and played with Baby for a long time. My favorite thing to do (after shaking Baby in Mom's face while squeaking the squeaker over and over again really loud!) is to hold Baby in my mouth and just stare into space. I do this for hours. Mom doesn't know why, so I am not about to tell you here - a dog has to have some secrets!

So there you have it - all about me and my new Baby!

See how happy I am?

Here are some pictures of my old Baby. He only has one ear and one leg, but I still love him a lot!

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