Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This meeting is called to order!

Remember how I told you last time that Mom made me wear that stupid hat, and I hated it, so I was thinking about starting a club for other dogs whose moms and dads made them wear stupid hats? Well, the response has been overwhelming! I can't believe how many proud, noble companions have been humiliated like this. I want to show you the depths some people will stoop to, in the hope that I can stop this shameful behavior. Take a look; the names of my new friends have been withheld to protect the innocent:

Look at the anguish on this poor pup's face!

Another fashion disaster in the name of St. Patrick!

My Mom is kinda partial to this one - probably because of her addiction to Krispy Kreme Chocolate Covered Creme Filled Donuts, as described in her blog

What a sad face! And I have no idea what this hat is even supposed to be - an eggplant, maybe? Pitiful. No dog should suffer like this.

And some more:

And then, there are the costumes...

And then, there's this. This is... Just. Wrong.

Now I did receive a couple of e-mails and pictures from cats whose owners had dressed them in hats but, quite frankly, there's nothing funnier to me than a cat in a funny hat, so I don't have much sympathy, and don't want to hear from any more cats.

I realize now that my dog friends need a support group for this horrible hat and costume affliction that their owners make them suffer with, so I will continue to keep this forum available. Contact me anytime!


nanjodogz said...

Lena would love to join this group. I have a photo on my flickr page of her in a Santa hat. I'm going to post the link here, but not sure it will go through -- if not feel free to grab her photo from the pool -- she needs to join this support group and discuss this hat issue with Bailey and her buddies.

Here's the link:

Bailey said...

I got your back, Lena! I'll post your picture in my next blog post, along with some other horrors that more friends have e-mailed me! Send me your comments when you feel ready to talk. I'm here for you!

Nancy said...

We are two mature lady Dachshunds that have to put up with our mom putting ridculous hats and outfits on us. Go to dogpatchcritters flickr sets where we have a set with some of our most embaressing photos. We are worried mom has something planned for Easter this week too! Lexi & Lucy

Bailey said...

Oh Lexi and Lucy! I'm here for you! Maybe your mom will read this, and understand how humiliating it is to be dressed up in silly hats and outfits! I will find some pictures of you to post. What a nightmare! When will it end?