Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Invasion!

As my regular readers know, I am a very busy dog, with lots of jobs. I am basically on duty 24/7, because you never know when something's going to happen!
Last Wednesday night, Mom was working on the computer (AGAIN!), so I could not sit in her lap, so I was curled up on the bed. I had my back turned to Mom, so she would know my feelings were hurt. Mom thought I was taking a nap, but I wasn't - I suddenly lifted my head up and started growling, and staring at the ceiling.

I had seen this dangerous moth fly in and land on the ceiling, but Mom had not. I kept growling, but Mom didn't know why, and thought I heard a dog or a truck or something outside. She can be really dumb sometimes.

I finally stood up on the bed and started barking straight at the moth, and when Mom told me to "Get it," she thought I would run downstairs and take care of my business down there. I gave her a look, and got off the bed and ran to the corner and kept barking at the ceiling.

Mom looked and looked, but didn't see the giant moth. She finally got off the bed and came over to where I was, and there it was! She took the picture and sat back down to work at the computer, so I had to start barking all over again, because the moth was being all quiet and still now, but those things can be really pesky nuisances! And they taste bad, too! Mom finally got up and swatted him with a magazine, and I settled back down to my duties.

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nanjodogz said...

I'm glad I stopped by to see what Bailey was doing -- it always put a smile on my face. And thank goodness mom finally got off that computer to get that pesky moth Bailey!