Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I don't know what Ransom is, but I need some!

Welcome to Gingey Watch, Day 17.

Mom talked to the lady at the mountain house yesterday, and evidently I will only get Gingey back if Mom sends her some "ransom."

I have no idea what "ransom" is, but I saw Mom hurry and pack an envelope, and mail it to the lady.

I am worried, because it was not a very big envelope, and I want Gingey back.

So if you have any extra ransom lying around, please mail it to:
The Mountain House where Tai and Nummy Live


Speaking of Nummy, I suspect she is behind all this.

She always wants my toys, and look at her evil eyes!


Mason Dixie said...

Mom says she will send you help to get Gingy back =)

CAM said...

Hey Bailey...
Sounds like Gingey is having an extended holiday! How is the relationship going with the new toy..."COW"?
But we hope you get Gingey back soon and that the Randsom was ok. Are the police involved?
Tonsaluv Maxdog in South Africa

Bailey said...

Thanks, Mason!

CAM - I like my Cow OK, but Gingey is the best!
No police, though - what if they confiscated Gingey for evidence! Waaahhhhhhhh!