Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guess Who??!

Did you guess? It's ME!!!!!

I'm back! Sorry to be gone for so long.

Yesterday was my birthday (now I am 11!) Mom told me that I have not been blogging very much, and I have a ton of stuff to tell you!

Remember when I told you that Mom takes me to work with her?

Well, I stay very, very busy these days!

Mom's store is in a pretty business center, with about 7 big, long buildings full of stores and all kinds of businesses (like restaurants!).

Every morning when we get to work (except some mornings when Mom oversleeps) we walk all around the shopping complex TWO times, so that everyone can know that we are at work now! (Mom says we are walking for exercise. She says potato, I say potatah. Whatever). Naturally, I carry my own leash, 'cause Mom walks too slow. And I get very very far ahead of her, but if it is time to turn a corner, I stop and wait for her, because I like to keep one eye on Mom!

We have been having some really nice weather, so at the time of the morning that we are walking, lots of stores have their doors propped open so that I can walk in and make sure everything is safe, and that everyone know I am there! (Mom says the doors are open to get fresh air. Whatever.) All I know is, everyone is always glad to see me, and gives me lots of pats and rubs! Whenever I see an open door, I start to run, and scoot inside the open door! I have to run, because sometimes the open door leads into a restaurant, and for some reason, Mom does not want me to go in restaurants, and she starts to run really fast to try to block me from getting in those doors. Seeing my Mom run is funny!!

Everyone at the shopping center likes to see me walking, and they think it is funny that I carry my own leash. Lots of people take pictures of me, and one lady always comes out to greet me, and one day she took my picture, and the next day she told my Mom that now I am on Facebook. I do not know what that means.

After our walk, we open up the store, and then my job is to greet all the customers! That is a lot of fun, and more pats and rubs for me! And I get a lot of treats, too, 'cause Mom keeps a big jar of treats on the table for customers to give me!

This is me saying goodbye to a really nice lady that was buying beads at the store at Christmas time.

I also keep an eye out for delivery trucks, and let Mom know when more beads are coming to the shop!

When things are really quiet in the store, with no customers, and no deliveries, and Mom is working with her stupid beads instead of playing with me, I lie down beside her with my Baby.

Remember how sad it was when my poor piggy Baby fell apart suddenly?

Well, Mom got me a new piggy baby to love at her store, and I have started lying down with piggy baby covering my head. Mom always goes "Awww" when I do this. She doesn't know why I do it at the store, but I don't cover my head with my babies at home.

And about a month ago, when Mom and I were doing our walkies, Mom noticed that I was leaving footprints all over the sidewalks! Lots of other peoples noticed, too, and would tell my Mom that they could tell I had been there, 'cause they saw my footprints! But no peoples were leaving footprints -- only me!

Wanna know why? It's 'cause of pollen! We had inches and inches of pollen covering the ground. Our nice green sidewalks were not green anymore - they were bright yellow. And every time I put my feet down, a big yellow cloud puffed up! We finally got some rain, and all the pollen is gone now.

There is a German deli just a few doors down from my Mom's store, and it is on the way to the place where I go potty. There is a really nice strip of grass with a lot of bushes and stuff at the end of our building, and it is perfect for me. Every time it is time for me to go potty, I walk really really fast towards the potty place - way faster than Mom (duh! She is slow). And Mom thinks I am running to go potty, but actually I am just going to the deli - I stand outside its door, holding me leash, and lots of time (if they don't have customers) they see me, and come outside with treats! Yum!! And when customers come out of the deli with bags of goodies, I follow them to their cars, sniffing their bags. Mom hates when I do this.

Last week I started refusing to eat the nice breakfast that Mom fixes me every morning before go to work. Mom thinks I was doing this so I would have more room for deli treats! She told the nice deli man to stop giving me treats.... that was mean. Now I have to eat dogfood again.


Wrigley said...

Welcome back Bailey! Sorry to hear you have to eat dog food again.

Wags and Kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
Glad to see you again!
Sure you have been busy all these days!
All that was pollen?? Oh-oh!
The people from that deli are very nice giving you treats! Too bad your mom told them not to do it! Hmmm....
Kisses and hugs

Sam said...

Welcome back, Bailey! You are so lucky to be able to go with your Mom to work. I wish I could take Sam with me, I'm sure he would do fine at the park.


JackDaddy said...

Oh Happy Birthday (almost!)

We have missed you, but we're glad your mom is keeping busy as well!

3 doxies said...

Hello Bailey...I saw you added me so I ran right over. I discoved sumptin too....I liveIn EASLEY...that's like a hop and a skip from you. I must tells my mum bout your mom's store. Her thinks she is going to make a bracelet...hahahah! Will your mom let me come to her store?

Bailey said...

Hi Puddles - of course you can come to our store. I don't even have to ask my Mom. And we will teach your Mom to make a bracelet!

3 doxies said...

I'mnot even allowed to say Go reenwavve and my mum WENT to Easley...hehehe!!
here is my email:

Is hers open on da weekend?

Bailey said...

Open 10 - 5 on Saturdays; we are closed on Sundays and Mondays 'cause those are our goof-off days.

Aksharaa said...

Hi Bailey. thanx for coming to visit us.
u are so lucky, ur Mom is really sensible.thankfully,Our mom wears sneakers for our walks.and recently we saw her wearing some not so hig shoes to work too.
maybe her feet are paining too much fr the heels!!but she won't confess!!
u live such an interesting life. and SO SO lucky to be able to go to work wth mummy.
we too sometimes have to carry our own leash. Humans can be real slow.
so sorry about the dog food. but we insist u keep up the refusal.mummy will relent with time. ours always does...!
wags, Bud n Gin

Aksharaa said...

Hey!we came back to wish u a very HAPPY BDAY.hope u find many more friends who will give u superb treats everyday. n hope Mom won't find out!!

wags n licks,
Buddy n Ginger

Bailey said...

THanks Buddy and Ginger!

Wyatt said...

Hi Bailey-
You are so cute and such a great ambassador for your Mom's store. Bow Wow about the deli treats!

Bella the Westie said...

Hi Bailey, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm very happy to be your friend. If your Mum comes to Australia one day, tell her to come and visit me !
Love, Bella.

PussDaddy said...

Happy Birthday Baily!


Peggy said...

Hi Bailey, thanks for visit my blog, and happy 11 barkday! Wags, Peggy

Sheila and Bob said...

Hi Bailey, welcome back.
Sure sounds like you do keep busy when you help your Mom.
Maybe the next time you go to the Deli you could wear a disguise so your Mom would not know they are giving you treats.

Hamish & Sophie

Bailey said...

Hi Hamish and Soph!

Mom and the deli man and I have worked out a deal - I will post about it next time!

Sunny said...

Hi Bailey!
Some how I missed this post, my Mom must be snoozing at the keyboard again!
It's so nice to see you. You are like a celebrity at the store and very clever to 'walk yourself'.
Oh before I forget...Happy Belated Birthday!
We get those spammy thingies too and Mom deletes them.
Have a lovely weekend. Don't stay aways so long, I miss you!
Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

Bailey said...

Lucy! i have missed you!!!

Mom says I get to have the computer ALL day tomorrow, and I have lots to say!!

And Mom and I are happy to hear we are not the only ones who get the yucky spam!

See you guys tomorrow!