Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Musings: My favorite place at Mom's shop

Y'all might remember: I have a Sweeeeeeeet set-up at work - a nice comfy king-size bed, in a corner, under a table, so I feel nice and safe and protected! And my toy box is right there, with all my Babies, and my bones, and my balls. And I lie in my bed sometimes (but I prefer to be close to Mom! And sometimes I follow her around and around, and she tells people that I am afraid that she will sneak out some secret back door in the store and leave me there. What? It COULD happen - just because I haven't FOUND a back door yet, doesn't mean there isn't one. I watch horror movies! I know about secret passages!!)
You can't see my toy box in this picture, because Mom didn't get me a toy box for work until last month - she said my toys were getting out of control!!

But I digress. When Mom is helping customers, if the shop is pretty busy, with lots of people walking around (especially childrens), I like to go get in my bed, because I was never around lots of people until Mom starting taking me to work with her, and it gets a little overwhelming for me, so I retreat to my safe corner. [I was never around children when I was growing up, and never met any 'til I started working at the bead shop, so they kinda freak me out a little sometimes! ]

But my sweet bed is NOT my most favoritist place at work. My favoritist place is behind the counter - especially if there are lots of lots of people in the store (especially childrens) - but I never go behind the counter unless my Mom is back there, because if Mom isn't back there, I can't SEE her, and I have to be able to see her at all times (or she will sneak out the back door!)

So when Mom is working behind the counter, I get in the furtherest most corner back there, and curl up and relax. Mom always laughs at me, because it is a very tiny corner, and I always rest my head inside the metal cabinet so that I fit, and Mom tells me that I can't possibly be comfy, but it isn't so bad!

And when Mom needs to get the wire, or the crystals (which are in the cabinet behind me) she just steps right over me, and I don't even move. I know she would never step on me! She sometimes says that I am a little bit in the way, but I know she is just kidding, 'cause she is a big kidder like that.

And I might have forgotten to tell you: I got a promotion at work! I am now Assistant Manager and Head of The Complaint Department. The way this works is, if someone has a complaint, they are supposed to come whisper it to me, and then I kiss them until they forget about their complaint.

Unfortunately, Mom hasn't had any complaints yet, so I haven't gotten to give out any of these complaint kisses. But I do keep an eye out for peoples that bend down to look at the beads on the lower hooks, and I rush over and kiss them before Mom can stop me. She says not everyone likes my kisses.

HA! I told you she was a big kidder!


houndstooth said...

You have a great job! I am so jealous! I get to go with Mom to work once in a while, but not every day.


Mr. Pip said...

Hi Bailey - you are so lucky that you get to go to work with your mom! Looks like a lovely store and I am sure you won't get any complaints!

Your pal, Pip

Sagira said...

That is so cool that you get to go to work with your mom. I would love to go to work with my mom.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Bailey. How neat n cool is that. I did not realized that your mom has a store. For sure you bring lots of Golden sales in her store. My mom plans to have a store maybe someday for now just fairs n expos. She plans to take me again this weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Thor said...

What a great work you have, Bailey! You're a lucky getting to stay with mom all the time. Congrats on being promoted!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
You have nice spots there in your mom's shop!
Kisses from you sure make everyone happy!
Kisses and hugs

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I saw your blog on Heidi's facebook comment. She had a link to your blog and here I am. I love Heidi and her two Goldens. I enjoyed your post. I had a dog that went to work with me for years. They love to be with their people.

Bailey said...

Welcome, Fern! Hope you come back!

Samantha said...

What a pawesome gig, Bailey! I lie still near Mom too, cause I know she'll never step on me!!! And I don't like when she's out of sight either! We haves a lot in common! Hope you're helping to SELL the merchandise, dear pal!
Hugs xoxoox

Wyatt said...

Nice promotion Bailey! I like to give kisses too...mostly to the driver of the car, from the back seat!


Pee ees...loved your Bailey's Cream story, we laughed real hard!

JackDaddy said...

Well I might need to talk to you about the AMHTCD union some time! :) We'll work to get you extra treats! :)

Anonymous said...

You are certainly living the Life Bailey. It's obvious you are very much loved.

Lola said...

Baily, you have a very cushy job there. I think that you'd be a great one to handle complaints. After a few kissies from you, I'm sure anyone's point of view would improve. And your Mom sure is a big kidder. Not everyone liking your kisses is a howl. I bet pawple are lining up for Baily kissies.

wags, Lola

Sam said...

What an important promotion! You look so cute in the pictures! We will have to take a trip one day to visit your Mom's shop!


Bailey said...

Oh Sam - you MUST come visit! I would love to meet you, and all my bloggy friends!

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!