Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's wrong with these pictures??

Today is Sunday, and that is the day that Mom and I sleep late, and laze around the house, and generally just chill out. And I woke up before Mom (of course) and just lay in my bed, thinking about all the laziness I could accomplish today!

And then Mom got up and went into the bathroom (naturally, I followed her.)

And then that OTHER dog started talking to my Mom - telling her that he needed to go out!

Everyone knows you don't have to tell Mom this in the morning, and that she gets to go first!

But she finished, and then carried the OTHER ONE downstairs and outside, and he peed a lot, and then he pooped, which for some reason made Mom weirdly happy - she never gets excited when I poop!

And then we went inside for breakfast. And she fed the OTHER one first. This is so not fair.

He finally finished, and I cleaned up his mess, and Mom fixed my food, and let the OTHER one lick all the gravy out of my breakfast. There is only so much I can take! But he finally drank it all, and Mom put more gravy in, and I ate my breakfast, while the 2 of them went upstairs.

And when I got upstairs, I jumped up on the bed and found the OTHER one ON MY MOM'S BED!
Yikes! Look at my pouty sad face!

But I held my ground, until Mom came and sat down right where I was, and I had to move to the foot of the bed.

The OTHER one got to stay up there with her.

But NO.
The OTHER one decided he would come down into my territory, and he put his butt right next to mine!!

Mom says you are lucky you cannot see the expression on my face right now. But there was no way I was moving off my Mom's bed!

After a couple of hours, we went outside for a pee break, and when we came back in, Mom fixed more of my delicious food with gravy, and let the OTHER one have all the gravy. Then they went upstairs, and I stayed down in the kitchen, gobbling up the gravy-less food.
When I got upstairs, the OTHER one was nowhere to be found, and the bed was MINE!!

And I enjoyed it until Mom kicked me with her giant foot, and I had to get off the bed for my own safety - so I decided I would get in my nice soft bed.

But, OH NOES!!
The other one is in my bed!
This is totally not fair.

Is there NO end to my sacrifices??

But Mom got out my old bed (look how pitifully non-deluxe it is!) and I decided to lie there, and give Mom another one of my patented pouty faces.

Mom tried to tell me that this bed is supposed to be for the OTHER one, but I call foul on that.
'Cause look who is in it! Me, that's who!!
And just now I got up to try to go get back in my good bed, and the OTHER one is still there - so I growled at Mom to make sure she knows about all this injustice, and she just asked me if I want to go outside. Can the woman not understand a thing I tell her? That was totally NOT my "I need to go outside" growl.
So now I am lying on the plain old bare floor, suffering. With my butt facing my Mom, 'cause she needs to know I am mad.
And Mom says the OTHER ONE's name is Gumball. I say his name is Trouble, or Interloper, or GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BED!


PussDaddy said...

I know you will eventually make friends Bailey once you see there is no threat of losing your Mom's love.


Bailey said...

My Mom loves me best - I know that. 'Cause I am the best dog in the whole world.

But I have been telling her for 45 minutes that I need to pee, and she keeps working on the computer.

I know if that OTHER dog said HE needed to pee, she would hop up like something had bit her on the butt....

Lola said...

I feel your pain, Baily. As you probably know, I just got myself a little brother. But I have to tell you, I would not be as self-sacrificing as you. I tell the little guy where he can be and where he can't. Also, except for meals which, are supervised, what he can and can't eat. You have to establish yourself as alpha right now before all this gets out of paw.

Good luck, Lola

Sam said...

Oh, poor Bailey. Is it temporary? Or has the other one moved in?


1000 Goldens said...

Bailey, the sacrifices you are making for the new kid are really admirable. Hang in there - I'm sure there must be more cookies and toys coming your way for good behavior!

Bailey said...

Sam - it looks pretty permanent to me. He is curled up next to my Mom, still, and I am on the floor, like day-old underwear.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Bailey ... I like your new friend (Gumball). You'll get use to it ... especially if no one ask for him. Your mom is just too concern cause she does not want any accidents at home. Monday will be interesting ... 2 dogs in your mom's shop. Golden LOVES Bailey ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Mr. Pip said...

Hang in there, Bailey! I am sure your mom has enough love and gravy to go around!

Your pal, Pip

Lorenza said...

I have never been in your situation but I think you two need to get along well!
Be patient!
And don't worry. Your mom has lots of love for you two to share.
Kisses and hugs

PussDaddy said...

LOL. Your Mom just expects more of you Bailey because she knows you are capable of it is all. You are not sick and this doggie is. You will be friends before you know it although I know it is hard to get used to the idea right this minute.


Bailey said...

Thanks, everybody - Mom keeps telling me she is very proud of me for sharing my food, and she is sorry he took the good bed, and that I am the best dog ever, but I still know that HE is sitting right next to her, and I am on the floor.

But Mom says that is my choice right now, because there is plenty of room on the bed for all 3 of us, and Mom keeps inviting me up, but I don't wanna share Mom's bed with Dumball. I mean Gumball.

I know Gumball likes me (who doesn't??) Mom says everything will be OK, and she is usually almost always right.

She says if I keep having a pouty attitude, she is going to see if there are any pet psychics on Etsy.

road-dog-tales said...

Sharing can be difficult! Just let 'em know who's the real boss!
The Road Dogs

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

I feel your pain! My mutant puppy sister is 8 months old, as big as I am, and is a total nudge - she hogs everything that is MINE, including my humans. I don't know when Mom is giving her back, but I hope it is soon! I wish you luck! We found you through the Blog Hop, and I'll be back to see how you deal with the Interloper!

*kissey face*
-Fiona (and Abby the Mutant Puppy)

Bailey said...

Hi Fiona! Mom put my on computer restrictions until I got a "attitude adustment", but she says she might let me back on the computer today or tomorrow, 'cause I have been much better.

But she says I still cannot call him Dumball. No fair.