Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have a bone to pick with....

Ahem --- They have obviously miscounted.

Then even used a golden as the iconic picture for this article -

Goldens are the smartest dogs ever - my Mom says so, so I know it's true.

Goldens Rule, PetMD drools.
Remind me to tell you MY newspaper-carrying story sometime.


Mason Dixie said...

4th!!! I highly doubt that. They must have never had a Golden before to know the truth about us. =)

Diego Dog said...

Well Bailey....I'm not happy being #8 but the description is me to a T.


Homer said...

Hi Bailey,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog and I agree with you, we golden are the smartest dogs!


Anonymous said...

What!?! Zeke is #3 and I'm #4? No way! And as you said, I notice they didn't get a Border Collie or a Poodle to pose nicely with that newspaper - ha!

See ya!

SGR said...

Woofs! Is that you Bailey. Great Photo! YES! We (Goldens) are the smartest dogs. We share lots of retrieving attributes. Lots of Golden Woofs! Sugar