Monday, March 2, 2009

What a day!

Today sure wasn't boring!

Mom got up really early, let me out, and made her coffee and breakfast without even feeding me ..... I think she is finally learning!

Then she took a shower, and finally she gave me my breakfast. Yay!

Then the doorbell rang, so I rushed over to check it out, and it was a very friendly-looking guy with a bunch of tools. I love company!

I rushed out to give him a proper greeting (I even jumped up and kissed his face!) and he rubbed me, and he and Mom headed upstairs. So naturally I realized it was a race, and I started running, and I beat both of them to the top!

He went into the extra bathroom that Mom uses for storage (Mom has a LOT of stuff) and started to work with his tools, and I helped him a little, but then Mom started putting away laundry in the bedroom, and I have to always keep an eye on Mom, so I rushed into the bedroom, only to discover that there was no room on the bed for me.

Mom had covered the whole bed with stacks of laundry.

So I had to pout in my bed, giving her the evil eye.

Then she turned her back for a second, and I snuck out of my bed, and spied a teeny-tiny space on the bed where I thought I could fit, so I jumped up, and when Mom turned around again, she was surprised to see me all squished in there.

The nice man finished in the bathroom really fast, but it took Mom a long long time to put away all her laundry.

Then the doorbell rang, again! Twice in one day! More company!

It was the lady that comes help Mom move stuff all around the house. This is some weird game they play every Monday. They open drawers, and closets, and move stuff from room to room, and put a lot of stuff in the trash. They don't pay much attention to me, even when I try to help. The lady doesn't like me - Mom says she is afraid of dogs. I try to be extra nice to her, and I even jumped up and gave her a big face kiss today, and that got me shut up in the bedroom for a while. :(

Then they started playing in the closet where Mom keeps all her coats and purses, and I got pretty freaked out, 'cause it looked like it does when Mom is packing to go on a trip! I was afraid. So I stole one of Mom's gloves that fell on the floor, and tried to play keep-away with the lady, but she only tattled to my Mom that I had the glove. But HA! Mom doesn't care when I steal her socks or her gloves, because I am always very careful with them. So HaHa, big tattletale!

Then they put all the stuff back in the closet again, and the lady left.

And now Mom and I are watching TV.

See ya later!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
What a day you had!
Sounds very interesting with people coming to you house!
Glad you ended it watching tv with your mom!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mason Dixie said...

I think that sounds like a lot of fun for a day. A visitor and laundry and watching TV. Sounds busy to me. =)

YD said...

Woof Bailey, wow, 2 visitos in one day? We don't understand why some people are afraid of us. All we want to do is to give them kisses. Sorry you were shut in the room.

Tails Wag,
Samantha & June

Anonymous said...

Hi Bailey! That sounds like an interesting day, which is better than a boring one for sure. Too bad that lady doesn't like dogs - she's missing out.

See ya!

The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

Bailey, I love reading your blog, you truly are one of the bestest dogs in the world, so my pooches (Daisy and Stella) suggested that I give your blog an award! Check out my blog for all the hype!

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

WAAAWAAAWAAA Dear Bailey!!!!
Great post!!!!
you had a wonderful many people in your home...
your pictures are very funny...we love the one where you catch your little space on mom bed!!!we made like you when mom put all her things on bed!!!!
And finally you watched tv with your mom!!!!Great ended of the day!!!!
we love you and your post!!!
take care of you and your mom!!!!
lots of love and kisses

unc96 said...

Hi Bailey! This is the lady who comes to visit and helps mom move things. I actually think you're a pretty nice dog. And, I have to admit that you do look pretty cute when you stand there with your squeak toy in your mouth ready to play fetch.

I just have a thing about dogs that are taller than I am when they stand up and try to kiss me. Have you noticed that I'm a pretty short person? You're taller than 5'4" when you stand up and try to kiss me.

As you can tell, I've gotten used to being around you since your mom and I have been working together the last few Mondays. Seems like you've gotten used to me, too.

I'm sure you and your mom have had a busy weekend and so have I, so I'm going to turn in now. I'll see you in the morning!

Bailey said...

Hi unc!
I'm still going to try to give you face kisses---- it is just my thing!