Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Day at the Park

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

On Sunday morning, Mom got up and got dressed and everything, and then told me to go get my leash!

My leash!! I love my leash!

And then we got in the car, and took a long ride, and wound up at the dog-rubbin' park again!

There were a ton of cars parked there, and Mom had to park a long way away, in the arboretum parking lot, and we got out and started walking uphill to the dog-rubbin' park.

It was a really long way, and Mom thought she should carry my leash, but I had a better idea, so I took it away from her. She was carrying my brand new soccer ball, anyway, so I was really just trying to help!

We passed 2 guys playing frisbee, and I would have gone over to play, too, but I never get side-tracked when I'm carrying my leash. I mostly stayed on the grass, but sometimes I went in the street, but it was OK, because everyone that comes there is always looking out for dogs, so it's pretty safe.

Someone even tried to pick me up!

Not like this, sillies.
This guy in a pick up truck, with a young golden retriever in the back, started following my Mom, and asked her if I was a boy or girl dog. Isn't that perfectly obvious?
Anyway, he kept going on and on about how he was trying to find a boy dog for his 3 year-old girl dog, blah blah blah. He kept following my Mom, who thought the whole thing was weird and creepy, because I am clearly a pretty mature dog (wait, is that an insult?) - anyway, Mom thinks he was really trying to pick up girl humans, and just using that pretty golden retriever in his truck as bait.

So anyway, I got to the dog-rubbin' park gate a long time before my Mom - she's a slow walker.

Once we got inside, she made me take off my leash, and then she threw away my brand new soccer ball! I panicked, and ran after it, but I was too late - this dog totally stole my new ball!

Look at him!

His owners thought it was funny. I did not.

Here is a very close-up shot of this character.
I hope you guys will help me get the word out on the web - this dog is a Dirty Rotten Ball-Stealer.
Be warned!

So like I said, it was really crowded at the park.

This little guy was flying all over the place. I think all four of his legs are actually off the ground in this shot. Notice how he politely ignores my brand new soccer ball!

I'm not at all sure what is going on here. This woman always had a big crowd around her, and was holding up this wierd-faced space alien creature.
Does it look one bit happy?

It was even crowded at the water bowl.

That little dog in the back was confused, and thought it was a wading pool!

I politely waited my turn, and Mom poured in fresh water for me,
'cause that other dog had left it all brown and muddy.

So then I settled in for some serious rubbin'.
I scouted out all the opportunities - this was a nice lady - she understood that the butt is the best rubbin' spot.

This was a really nice lady! She was sitting down on a tree, just waiting for me!

This guy won the best rubbin' award this time, though - he not only rubbed, but he talked to me, too! That earns lots of bonus points!

Here's a picture of me talking to him, too.

Then the bestest thing happened. They have now put a park bench in the rubbin' park, and 3 ladies had been hogging it, but one finally got up, so Mom went over there to rest while I met all the other peoples. When I saw Mom sit down, I raced over to the bench, and hopped up between her and the 2 other ladies, and they laughed! Then, I stretched out so I was lying down in all of their laps at the same time, and I had 3 people rubbin' on me at one time! It was excellent.
It was 80 degrees that day, so of course, I was shedding even more than usual, now that summer is coming, so I made sure those 2 nice ladies had a lot of valuable golden retriever hair to take home with them.

Mom didn't even get lost one time on the way home, and I was really thirsty when we got back home.

And the day wasn't even over yet - the most incredible thing happened when we got home, but I will have to tell you about it next time!


Diego Dog said...

Hi Bailey....

Glad you enjoyed the park. I like lots of rubs too! But I don't like kisses!!
Did you get your ball back from that stealer?


Anonymous said...

Bailey, you've got it! Getting petted and talked to by the humans at the dog park is just as much fun as meeting the other doggies - and more, if they're dirty rotten ball stealers!

See ya!

Bailey said...

Diego - I was too polite to take my ball away from the dirty rotten ball-stealer, and I was more interested in rubs, anyway.

But Mom rescued my ball, and I have a story to tell about that, soon - it is hard for me to get computer time around here!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Hey Bailey !

Joyce here. you were asking about the toy ? IT can float & its very durable ! :D
It's a Hurley from " WEST PAW "

More details at :

MOst of their toys are good (:

Mason Dixie said...

What a great day at the park. So very jealous. and thanks for leaving a cliff hanger....I will be back to hear about the rest of your wonderful day. =)

Bailey said...

Mason - I did not mean to leave a cliff-hanger, but my Mom said I was hogging the computer too much!

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

Hi Dear Bailey!!!
what a great day you had!!!
you look soooooooooo happy at the park!!!
wish were with you and all the others doggie....
your pictures are wonderful and you are handsome!!!
have a great weekend!!!
lots of love and kisses!!!!