Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pizza Pizza

Remember how I told you that something wonderful happened when Mom and I got home from the park last week?

Well, the doorbell rang, and it was my favorite person in the whole world, next to my Mom: The Pizza Hut Guy!

That's right, folks - you voted, and made it happen! So, thanks!

Mom said this pizza was mine, because of the results of my blog poll, so this shows the Pizza Guy giving me my pizza.

Then Mom fixed our plate, and we went upstairs. She had to put the plate on the bed while she put down her drink, and I know I'm not allowed to touch the plate until she says "OK", so I didn't, even though it was MY PIZZA.

So Mom started eating, and as usual, all I got were the crusts. I think a couple of the crusts had some sauce on them, but really, it was just crust. Dumb old crust.
But it was pizza crust, and that beats out dog food any day!

Then Mom finally said "OK", and I got to clean up her empty plate. Whoopdie do.

Then we went back down to the kitchen, and Mom put the whole pizza box on the floor, so I just knew NOW was my turn.

It certainly smelled like pizza.....

But it was just an empty box.
Mom is very concerned about my health, and once again had sacrificed herself so I would not eat bad-for-me food.
My crusts were really good, but I wanted some real pizza!
Please vote in my next poll - I must somehow make Mom see the error of her ways!

And I may just have to tell America that we actually had Pizza Hut delivery on Tuesday and again on Friday this week - 'cause Mom is not much of a cook! But that's OK - more crusts for me!


Aly the Dog said...

Yeah my Person only gives me the crust too! What is it with humans??? Don`t they realize that dogs like the WHOLE piece of pizza!?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
Pizza! I love it too!
Like you, I always get only a piece of crust but it is delicious!
I am sure you enjoyed yours a lot!
Kisses and hugs

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

Poor Bailey!!!!
only the Pizza's crust???
NOOOOOOOOOO.....your mom is been bad!!!!!
we love Pizza like you and mom every week made one of it only for us!!!!!
yesterday she hadn't desire to cook so she is going to pizzeria and bought one for her and one for us with hips and sausage!!!
we're very very very Lucky!!!
Please Bailey's mom.......give him one Pizza only for himself!!!!!
Bailey...give us news if your mom pay attention to our request for you!!!!
Have a great week dear friend!!
kisses and licks

Pies Placek said...

Great story. Bravo Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bailey! I could smell that delicious pizza smell all the way over here! And don't feel bad - all I get is crusts, too.

See ya!

Homer said...

Hi Bailey,

I never had pizza in my life before because my humans worried that I'll get the runs. Hopefully next time I'll get some crust?


Bailey said...

Homer, I don't think you will get sick from pizza crusts - I never have!

I hope you get to try them someday. The very best ones, IMHO, are the Pizza Hut Stuffed Crusts crusts, because they are full of cheese! But Mom never orders those anymore - I don't know why.

Of course, when she used to get them, I never got much crust, 'cause she hogged them! So maybe this way is better - I get a lot of pizza crusts.

Good luck!

Thor said...

Hi Bailey!
I LOVE pizza too!