Monday, August 17, 2009


Y'all remember how I told you about all the construction going on next door? And how I have this really cool peep-hole in my fence?
It's always been there forever and ever, so I could visit with the next door doggies?

Well, Mom came home from work a few days ago, and let me out, and I ran to my peep-hole to check on the new doggy that moved in last week, and look what we found!

I am so mad!

The new neighbors blocked off my peep-hole.

Mom is mad, too - because it is her fence!

Mom and I played a little soccer today, but not much, because it was really hot and humid outside.

Mom said she might get her saw out and give me my peep-hole back. I hope she does, 'cause I am a very curious and friendly dog! I want to visit with the doggy next door.

But the neighbor peoples don't seem very nice at all.


Sunny said...

Hi Bailey!
I'd be bummed too, what a nerve to close up your peep hole! They don't sound very friendly, maybe you're better off without it.
I would be friends with you if you lived next door, I love other doggies.
Luv, Lucy

Bailey said...

Thanks, Lucy - I wish my bloggy friends lived close to me. We could have so much fun!

Bailey said...

Thanks, Lucy - I wish my bloggy friends lived close to me. We could have so much fun!

Bailey said...

Oooh -my clumsy paws made it post twice! ooooooooooops!

LUCKY LUKE said...

That is so not right! But then again, maybe you do not wanna see what go on next door!

If you live next door to the me, I would love to shnoof your nose!

wif love from the Luke

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bailey!
Why?? It does not sound good!
I hope you get back your peep hole soon!
Kisses and hugs

MAX said...

Hey there, Bailey
I suppose some people like their privacy...can't win them all!
You look happy with your ball though.
Send Mom our love
Lots of licks

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hey Bailey

How rude of them. Don't they know Goldens like to know what is going on in their world.

Tucker and Daisy

P.S. We are sure that is Gingey's cousin in our banner photo, not to worry.

Miley said...

Hi Bailey!! The nerve of those neighbors!!! You need to claim your peep hole!!!! We would have a blast if we were neighbors!!!!

lotsa licks,

Sierra Rose said...

Hi Bailey!!! Thanks for visiting us at Golden Honey's site!
Have you been by to visit us over at my site?
Honey's mom and dad's new 'project!'. I am 16 weeks now, and keeping them on their toes. And giving them lots of hugs when they are feeling sad about Honey.
Yes, Bailey, you do remind mom of Honey! Sweetie!

Hugs and snaggletooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

1000 Goldens said...

Hi Bailey, we found you via Paco and Milo. So sorry about your fence, that is very sad. I don't know who wouldn't want to be friends with a beautiful Golden!

Bailey said...

Hi 1000!

Wow - that's a lot of goldens, huh?

Thanks for visiting - I'll come see you soon!